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Advantages of high-frequency thawing

Uniform Thawing Regardless of Product Thickness
Internal Heating-type Thawing

■Dripping Is the Enemy in Thawing

The frozen product itself generates heat from the inside. As there is no softening due to over-melting of the surface and as thawing to even the inside is possible, little flavor is lost, and the product freshness is not impaired.

■"Time Is Money"

Quick-speed thawing in 5 to 30 Minutes

Beef, chicken, pork, or any other meat frozen to about -20℃ can be thawed in a single operation to a temperature range of -1℃ to -5℃, which is ideal for post- processes, and rapidly in the short time of 5 to 30 minutes.

■You Can Almost See the Difference!

Warming Up from the Inside Is High-frequency Thawing

Intense molecular motion is caused inside the frozen product by the electrolytic action of high frequency to generate heat. As frozen products are heated from the inside, this means that even bulk frozen cut products can be thawed evenly in a short time.