Food processing equipment Product information:Defroster
High-frequency Defroster TEMPERTRON Conveyor-Type

Continuous High-speed Processing of Bulk Frozen Products
In-line Processing from Thawing to Post-processes

■Continuous Processing

Optional conveyor belt feed allows bulk frozen products to be thawed continuously. By configuring the processing line to meet your specific requirements, you can automate the entire series of processes from thawing to post-processes.

  • Continuous thawing enabled by conveyor belt feed
  • Ideal for bulk processing

Block Diagram of High-frequency Defroster and Temperature Rise Curve

TEMPERTRON's high frequency generator is provided with an auto-tuning function. This works to automatically generate high- frequency energy in an optimum state at all times matched to the type and size of the frozen product and thawing circumstances.

Continuous processing TEMPERTRON models have multiple builtin electrode plates and high frequency generators (two to five units). Though the electrical characteristics of frozen products change considerably as thawing progresses, optimum thawing conditions can be maintained at all times by independently controlling each individual generator matched to changing conditions in the initial, intermediate and final stages of thawing. This system of divided thawing control is extremely effect for continuous thawing of bulk frozen products.